Although no one says so, everyone who acquires cancer insurance never expects to have to use it, but in many cases, the day comes when unfortunately it is necessary to do so, as one of the beneficiaries was diagnosed with the disease.

It is normal to feel a little lost

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If you had not become familiar with the subject before. Next, the steps you must follow to make this activation as simple and fast as possible.

First, you must have the complete documents. Each insurer requests a series of documents for the insurance to take effect, including a copy of the current ID, being up to date with the policy payments, the insurance activation request and the among others.

Second, contact the insurer to initiate the respective processes. Once you have the documents, you should contact the insurer to let them know that you are ready and to indicate the next step. You should keep in mind that this process varies from insurer to insurer, but usually it is an appointment or interview for those in charge to verify their affiliation process.

But it is simpler than you think

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If you do not have cancer insurance yet, then always remember that being protected against cancer is more important than you think and, contrary to the different myths that are around, it is not very expensive. You can review the options available using the Porlerts cancer insurance comparator, so you will check which product is best for you. Third, they will notify you when the insurance is active and a treating doctor is assigned depending on the clinic in which they will be treated. In addition, they should inform you about their benefits, exclusions and other conditions that you should know as a patient. It may sound like a cumbersome process.

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